Engagements are designed for individuals who are seeking information, guidance, and active support for specific issues that arise in all our lives and who do not want to utilize their insurance benefits.  Engagements do not require the use of insurance benefits nor treatment plans and diagnoses that are associated with utilizing insurances.  Typically engagements are not for on-going mental health issues, but are a means of seeking professional assistance.  Engagements involve being listened to, receiving objective feedback, and gaining support within a confidential setting with a professional whose knowledge and experience can be of use in helping you resolve issues and moving forward towards your goals.  

Many people have questions about their mental health diagnosis and treatment or about a loved one's diagnosis and treatment.   Diagnostic consultations are designed to ensure you feel informed and how you can be helpful to yourself or a loved one.  Diagnostic consultations are designed to provide you with answers to your questions, provide feedback, and when indicated referrals.   Diagnostic Consultations are designed for 50-minute increments, however there are times when more session are requested or required.

Consultations are designed for individuals seeking specific information which can be delivered within a half hour.

Dr. Cavanaugh Ferguson is qualified to provide supervision to students from various disciplines, such as mental health counselors, social workers, and psychologists, who are seeking supervisory requirement.  Supervision is provided in 50-minute increments. 

Professional Consultations are designed to provide working professionals with feedback as an ongoing part of their professional growth.  Dr. Cavanaugh Ferguson is qualified to provide consultation on psychological testing, educational assessments, and family, group, and individual therapy. Professional Consultations are provided in 50-minute increments.