Many individuals seek psychological evaluations for diagnostic purposes, while others seek out these evaluations to understand more about themselves and how to improve their lives.  Psychological tests measure intellectual functioning, academic levels, personality styles, dysfunctional and functional aspects of how we operate in the world and relate to others.  Psychological evaluations typically require two sessions of interviewing and actual testing time.   A final report will be provided which provides personalized recommendations and answer your questions.  Psychological evaluations are designed on an individual bases to ensure that you receive the answers to the questions you are seeking or an accurate diagnosis of the issues you are facing.  Psychological evaluations typically require six to eight hours that include the sessions, test scoring, interpretations, and report writing.

Risk Assessments are typically requested by organizations, such as a school or court.  Risk Assessments include psychological testing, interviews with the referred party, the collection of collateral information, and interviews with other interested parties.   Risk Assessments provide an appraisal of the referred party level of risk to engage in dangerous behaviors, such as aggression towards others.